Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Night, April 9, 2010


7 PM Meegan Jones
Sustainable Event Management, A Practical Guide
If all meeting professionals integrated sustainability into their planning and decision-making, just think about the effect it could have on the planet. The question is, how do you begin? Enter Meegan Jones' new book, Sustainable Event Management, A Practical Guide. The book takes readers step by step through the key aspects of managing environmentally friendly events. Topics like carbon management, zero emissions options, waste management, energy, and even marketing and communications are all covered. Also offered are checklists and tools to help readers measure their own performance. Added bonus: a companion Web site provides case studies, supplier contacts, discussion groups, and more.

8 PM Keith Carter

Keith Carter, the creator of Orlok, the Vampire in 3D, is a Native American of Coharie descent. Mr. Carter began his career in 1986 penciling for a comic book company called Silverwolf Comics. Since then, his work has appeared in such publications as The Washington Post, USA Today and National Geographic. In 1993, Mr. Carter began a career in animation with a D.C.-based studio called News In Motion. While working with clientele such as Disney, CNN, The Smithsonian and Lucas Films, Mr. Carter developed his craft for animated storytelling. He is currently the creator/animator for the Emmy Award-winning campaign 'Savingsman' for ABC television.

Max Schreck is back with his finest fang-to-flesh classic! Orlok, the Vampire in 3D is a newly restored version of Nosferatu. This never-before-seen print is an eerie and disturbing adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Shortly after its 1922 premiere, Murnau's masterpiece became the subject of a bitter lawsuit. As a result, all known copies of this bloodsucking classic were destroyed. Or so it was believed....

Eighty-seven years later, Quality Cheese Productions unleashes this unnerving stereoscopic nightmare. Prepare for a filmic feeding frenzy of fright!

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YOU are invited to call in to SoapBox during the show, 781-721-0137.

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