Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Call in! Soap Box : 781 721 0137

Nelson Slater, Spanky McFarlane to appear on The Soap Box

The Soap Box is what public access TV is, and this Friday night YOU dear resident of Winchester, get to give us your point of view on local politics, local athletics, local music and more.

In addition to talk about new movies and new books we have international celebrities and this Friday evening the legendary Nelson Slater will be calling in to talk about his new CD "Don't Cry This At Home"

"DON"T CRY THIS AT HOME" backed by " Steam Age Time Giant" is a vinyl disc on the Lost Treasures of The Underworld records and soon on AREandBE Records. Nelson will be doing shows in Boston, New York, Austin, Columbus and more. Sales of his 1976 album Wild Angel have topped all previous years combined.

Wild Angel was produced by Nelson Slater’s friend from college, Velvet Underground founder and lead singer Lou Reed. It was originally released on RCA Records.

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Also phoning in on Friday will be Spanky of Spanky & Our Gang - the musical group, not the TV show.

Spanky replaced Cass Elliot in The Mamas & The Papas and recently recorded a new version of "California Dreamin'" along with her own hit from the 1960s, "Give A Damn"

The Gang's hits include the June 1967 Top Ten hit "Sunday Will Never Be The Same", "Making Every Minute Count", "Lazy Day", "Sunday Mornin'" and "Like To Get To Know You." Her new album is Back Home Americana.

Upcoming guests on the Soap Box are numerous. Tommy James of The Shondells will call in on March 5th; Rumor has it that Rolling Stones/Bob Dylan producer Rob Fraboni will be phoning in as will Ian Lloyd of the group "Stories" who hit with Brother Louie back in the 1970s.


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